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In my original plans this compilation was going to be the only release generated by my project. However, you’ll see as you scroll that things moved way past that as the project progressed.

The 19 artists who were brought together on this release offer a wonderful snapshot of the aesthetic, stylistic and thematic diversity that exists under the banner of Vaporwave. In doing so, this collection of music presents a valuable counterpoint to reductive definitions of Vaporwave. It also offers a glimpse into people’s personal experiences of the broader community using track titles, lyrics, sample selection and sonic texture to communicate thoughts, feelings and experiences. The stories told by these artists are often rather intimate.

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Individual Albums

These six albums are the result of participants who, after exploring the responses, felt they had so much to say that their musical reflection could not be limited to a single track. I love how owing to their extended length these musical reflections have been able to offer a more comprehensive meta-commentary on the project (and Vaporwave) as a whole.

Music Videos

Unofficial Epilogue

This release was by far the biggest and best surprise of the entire project! It appeared after the project had officially ended and the owner of DMT Tapes FL messaged me to tell me they had a present for me – a musical release that reflected on the project itself. I feel like this is the most Vaporwave way to end a project about Vaporwave.